Thursday, November 27, 2008

MTN Millonaire quiz 17

Let us look at another round of questions today.Good luck .

1.Conakry is in which Country :(a) Ghana (b) Guinea (c) Togo (d) Guinea Bissau .

2.Where is OPEC headquarters located :(a) Venezuela (b) Vienna (c) Bangkok (d) Mumbai .

3. Who wrote the book 'cry the beloved country' :(a)Sidney Poiter (b) Alan Parton (c) Cyprian Ekwensi (d) Barbara Katland .

4.In which of these two countries does Vivtoria falls run across :(a) Zambia and Zimbabwe (b) Botswana and Zimbabwe (c) Uganda and Tanzania (d) Namibia and south Africa.

5.In what year did Nigeria commence Right hand driving :(a) 1976 (b) 1974 (C) 1972 (d) 1976 .

6.In what year did the Aba riot take place :(a) 1912 (b)1929 (c) 1941 (d) 1950 .

7.Who moved the motion for the independence of Nigeria at the Parliament :(a) Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (b)Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (c) Dr.Anthony Enahoro (d) Said Zungur .

8.what do we call an endorsement on the passport permitting the holder to enter or leave a country :(a) Exit permit (b) Entry stiker (c) Visa (d) Peparture permit.

9.Which state in Nigeria has the appellation 'The young shall grow ': (a)Sokoto state (b) Kano state (c) Yobe state (d) Imo state .

10.In what state in Nigeria is ukum local government located : (a) Benue state (b) Sokoto state (c) Kogi state (d) Bauchi state .


Monday, November 24, 2008

MTN Millonaire quiz 16

Welcome ,let us give todays quiz a trial.Good luck.
1.Who was the first African secretary General of the United Nations :(a) Kofi Annan (b) Boutrous Ghali (c) Sulu Gambari (d) Dr.Ahmed Salim

2. In what of these Countries is Victoria falls located :(a) Angola (b) Zimbabwe (c) Botswana (d) South Africa .

3.Who wrote the book 'Gullivers travel ': (a) Adam Smith (b) Sidney Sheldon (c) James hadley Chase (d) Jonathan Swift .

4.which Nigerian bank goes with the marketing catch phrase 'would you rather bank with us ':(a)First bank (a)First Bank (b) Oceanic Bank (c) United bank for Africa (d) Guaranty Bank .

5.Who amongst these musicians does not play juju music :(a) Sunny Ade (b) Ebenezer Obey (c) Emperor Pick Peters (d)Wasiu Alabi .

6.Osun festival is celebrated in which town in Nigeria :(a)Ibadan (b)Abeokuta (c) Oshogbo (d) Ilorin .

7.Who was the the president of Liberia at Independence :(a) President Taubman (b) President Tolbert (c) Charles Taylor (d) Samuel Doe .

8.In which country is the city of Eldoret located :(a) Togo (b) Kenya (c) Tanzania (d) Cameroon .

9.Which country is historically recorded as the origin of the Olympics :(a) Greece (b) England (c) Germany (d) France .

10.In which country is Tripoli located :(a) Tunisia (b) Libya (c) Algeria (d) Egypt .



Monday, November 17, 2008

Mtn Millionaire quiz 15

Akwaba,how was the last quiz on Ghana.i suppose it has made us to have some first hand information about that country.let us have a go at another round of quiz questions today.Good luck!

1.What do you call the medical procedure that requires the pricking of tissues with needles as treatment for various conditions (a) Suture (b) Acupunture (c) Laproscopy (d) Visectomy.

2.In which country is the Town Bata located :(a) Malawi (b) Tanzania (c) Equitorial Guinea (d) Ghana .

3.When you say someone is in soup ,he could be said to be in :(a) Good Shape (b) Trouble (c) Edible (d) Healthy .

4.What is the other word for pugilist :(a) wrestling (b) Swimming (c) track and Field (d) Boxing .

5.The name Kaduna was derived from what animal name :(a)Crocodile (b) Lion (c) Tiger (d) Donkey .

6.In what year was Martin Luther King assassinated :(a) 1965 (b) 1968 (c) 1970 (d)1960 .

7.When a business is said to have 'fell through' ,it means the business was :(a) Successful (b)Failed (c) On hold (d) Peaceful .

8.What is the real name of the comedian 'Omobaba' :(a) Aliu Shehu (b) Oluwafemi Fagade (c) Saheed Osupa (d) Fatai Elemide .

9.Who founded the IBM (International Business Machines ) :(a) Tom Watson (b) BillGates (c) Joseph Rockefellar (d) Robert Kiyosaki .

10.Which football club plays its home match at the Bernebeu :(a) Arsenal (b) Barcelona (c) Real Madrid (d) Inter Millan.


Mtn Millionaire quiz 14

Welcome ,today i intend to deviate and set my questions based on the Country of Ghana.Let us see how much of our neighbouring countries we know. Good luck.
1.The president of Ghana resides where :(a) Osu castle (b)Prempeh Lodge (c) Asantehene Lodge (d) Nkurumah Lodge .

2. In which Country is Aflao town located :(a)Togo (b) Ghana (c) Nigeria (d) Benin .

3.Which of the following site is not in Ghana :(a) Osu Castle (b) National Arts Theatre (c) Kwame Nkurumah mausoleum (d) Muritala international airport .

4.Elmina Castle is located in which region in Ghana :(a) Northern Region (b)Brong Ahafo Region (c)Volta Region (d)Cape Coast Region .

5.Who was the President of Ghana at independence :(a) Ignatius Achampong (b)Kwame Nkurumah (c) Fred Akuffo (d) J. J. Rawlins .

6.what is the name of the national football team of Ghana called :(a) Green Eagles (b) The Squirrel (c) Black Panther (d) Black stars .

7.Which of these countries borders Ghana on the South west :(a)Niger (b) Togo (c) Ivory Coast (d) Burkina Faso .

8.When was the last time Ghana won the African cup of nations football competition :(a) 1982 (b) 2000 (c) 1976 (d) 2004 .

9.Which of the following is not a Ghanian language :(a) Ewe (b) Twi (c) Ga (d) Koforidua .

10.Which of these is a popular Ghana fabric :(a) Aso Oke (b) George (c) Lace (d) Kente .

11.What is the name the Ghanian coin is called :(a) Kudi (b) Pesewa (c) Koteng (d) Kobo .


Friday, November 7, 2008

Mtn millionaire quiz 13

You are welcome to my site today and in the euphoria of what has just happened in the United States ,i am posting my questions today solely on the Greatest thing that has happened to the Black man in the world.The quiz will be on The U S.Good luck.

1.What is the name called the official airplane of the U S president : (a)Ninja Ten (b) Airforce one (c) Airforce 22 (d) Airforce 11.

2.From which African Country is President elect Barack Obama originally from :(a) Sudan (b) Togo (c) Kenya (d) Uganda .

3.On which parties platform was President Obama elected :(a) Republican party (b)Independent candidate (c) Democratic party (d)New American Party .

4.In what city did Barrack Obama deliver his acceptance speech as candidate for the U S Presidential election :(a) Artlington (b) Denver (c) Tennesse (d) Washington D. C.

5.What is the name called the official residence of the American President:(a) Abraham Lincoln House (b) Booker T washington House (c) White House (d) Presidential villa .

6.In what hierachy of American presidents does Barrack Obama belong :(a) 43 rd (b)44th
(c)40th (d) 45th.

7.In what state in the U S was Barrack Obama born :(a) Hawaii (b)Chicago (c) Washington D.C.
(d)Virginia .

8.In what village in Kenya is Barrack Obama's father from :(a)Nairobi (b) Kogelo (c) Rift valley (d) Eldoret .

9.What is the first name of the American President elect's wife :Johanne (b) Loveth (c) Michelle (d) Portia .

10.What is the middle name of the President elect of the United states :(a)Hussein (b) Hammed (c) Ahmed (d)Mubarack .