Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mtn Millionaire quiz 8

How are you today,we are set to move on to the next level in our quest to becoming an MTN millionaire.So let's go,i need to get your response .Good luck.

1.what is the real name of the Nigerian musician comedian Basket mouth :(a) Thony Ukachu (b)Bright Okpocha (c) Innocent Awurum (d) John Okafor .

2.what was the name given to the research by American nuclear scientist that led to the invention of the atomic bomb:(a) Arizona project (b) Virginia project (c) Pittsburg project (d) Manhattan project.

3.Who wrote the novel 'The palm wine Drinker':(a) Chinua Achebe (b) Chimamanda Adichie (c) Amos Tutuola (d) Ola Rotimi .

4.What is the real name of the Nigerian musician 'Asa' :(a) Bukola Elemide (b) Buky Sosan (c) Ibukun Olaiya (d) Tosin Jegede.

5.What is the other name the Nigerian freed slave Olaudah Equiano noted for his campaign against slave trade abolition : (a) Maman Vasta (b) Gustavus vassa (c) Pedro Cuchino (d) Tim Beckley.

6.What is the name called the dummy used in boutiques to display sown clothes:(a) patriquine (b) Mannequine (c) statue (d) Doll baby.

7.on what date was Desmond Tutu awarded the noble prize for peace :(a)16th October 1984 (b) 1st July 1984 (c) 1st January 1990 (d) 13th February 1976.

8.which one of these Countries is not a member of the British Commonwealth Nations: (a) Cameroon (b) Egypt (c)India (d) Parkistan .

9.In which city is the headquarter of U N E S C O located :(a) New York (b) Paris (c) London (d) Cairo .

10. which state in Nigeria has the appellation 'The heartbeat of the nation':(a) Delta State (b) Kano State (c) kogi State (d) Edo State.


Mtn Millionaire quiz 7

Welcome once again,today the quiz will be taking another dimension.i intend to include questions that will set you on course towards realising that to become an MTN millionaire is not a Joke. Good luck.

1.Which one of these is not a factor in the marketing mix :(a)Prayer (b)Place (c) Price (d)Promotion.

2.What is a poem of fourteen lines called :(a) Octet (b) Sextet (c) Sonnet (d) Prologue.

3.In which country is Cancum :(a) Ethiopia (b) Mexico (c)Columbia (d)Canada.

4.In the Nigerian Television drama 'Village Headmaster' who acted the role of Kabiyesi Oba Ajelende :(a) Melvis Ovriango (b) Funso Adeolu (c) Akin Akala (d) Dejumo Lewis.

5.Which Premiership clubside plays its home match at Gudison Park :(a) Chelsea (b) Hull city (c) Everton (d) Manchester city.

6.If a footballer scores a brace in a match ,how many goals has he scored:(a) Three (b) Two (c) Four (d) Five.

7.In what state in Nigeria is Obio/Akpo local Government: (a)Abia State (b) Rivers State (c) Anambra State (d) Kogi State.

8.In which country is the city of Albury : (a0United States (b) Australia (c) United Kingdom (d) Canada .

9.In the abbreviation N P C the 'P' stands for : (a) People (b) Population (c) Practitioner (d) Publishers.

10. Which state in Nigeria has the appellation 'state of the living spring' :(a) Oyo State (b) Osun State (c) Kaduna State (d) Ondo State.


1.a) 2.c)3.b)4.d)5.c)6.b)7.b)8.b)9.b)10.b