Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mtn millionaire quiz 24

Hello welcome to another round of quiz questions today.Good luck .

1.Which stadium is referred to as the theater of dreams :(a) Old Trafford (b) Wembley stadium (c)Raebuck Stadium (d) Hamburg stadium .

2. Which Country was the German leader Adolf Hitler originally from :(a)Sweden (b) Australia (c) Austria (d) Italy .

3.what is the real name of the popular lagos based musician 'kokoro' :(a) Timothy Iyalla (b) Akinwande olumeso (c) Benjamin Aderoumu (d) shefiu Olumeti .

4.When we say that something is an elixir ,what do we mean :(a) vitamin (b)Cure all (c) Head ache (d) pain .

5.Who invented Electricity :(a) Thomas Hopkins (b) Charles Darwin (c) Henry Carr (d) Michael Faraday .

6.Which of these words best describe Euthanasia :(a) Sweet Killing (b) Mercy Killing (c) Painful Killing (d) Wonderful Killing .

7.What does the abbreviation G. I. stand for :(a) General Issue (b) Government Issue (c) God's Issue (d) Great Issue .

8.When we say a leader is a defacto leader what do we mean :(a) Absolute Leader (b) weak leader (c) Beautiful leader (d) Solemn leader .

9.What is Barack Obama's middle name :(a) Sade (b) Hussein (c) Hakim(d) Abbas .

10.what name do you call the main character in a drama or play :(a) Antagonist (b) prologue (c) Protagonist (d) Analogue .

1.a)2.c)3.c)4.b) 5.d)6.b)7.b)8.a)9b)10.b

Monday, January 26, 2009

Millionaire quiz 23

Let us have another attempt at some more questions.Good luck.

1.What is the real name of the Cameroonian Novelist Mongo Betti :(a)Alexander Byidi Awala (b) Raymond Kunde (c) Thomas Tau Tau (d) Timothy Ejong .

2.Who sang the Nigerian Highlife song 'Jolly papa ': (a)Rex Jim Lawson (b) Victor Olaiya (c) Victor Uwaifo (d) Fela Ransome Kuti .

3.Which musical instrument does D'banj play when performing on stage :(a) Flute (b) Drum (c) Trumpet (d) Harmonnica .

4.The Valkyie plot was an attempt to eliminate which world leader :(a) Benito Musolini (b) Emperor Hiro Hito (c) Prime minister Winston Churchill (d) Adolf Hitler .

5.In what year was the first story building erected in Nigeria :(a) 1951 (b) 1946 (c) 1949 (d) 1950 .

6.In what year was Sputnik 1 launched by the Soviet Union :(a) 1966 (b) 1961 (c) 1957 (d) 1958 .

7.who among these African musicians does not play highlife music :(a) E.T. Mensah (b) victor Olaiya (c) Sunny Ade (d) Rex lawson .

8.Which of these individuals is not a character in Achebe's "Things Fall Apart " :(a) Ikemefuna (b) Obierike (c) Ikechukwu (d) Nwoye .

9.What is the real name of the popular American actor 'fresh Prince of bell air' :(a) Tom Cruise (b) Will Smith (c) John Travolta (d) John Deere .

10. In what state in Nigeria is okobo local government located :(a) Imo state (b) Oyo State (c) Akwa ibom State (d) Cross Rivers State.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mtn millionaire quiz 22

1.What is the real name of the Yoruba comedian Baba-sala (a) Sunday Omobolanle (b) Babatunde Omidina (c) Moses Olaiya (d) Babatunde Ashiru .

2.The popular Nigerian musician Sunny Neji is from which state (a) kogi state (b) Imo State (c) Cross River State (d) Anambra State .

3.which Nigerian musical group sang the Gospel song IGWE (a) D'Banj (b) Midnight crew (c) Afternoon crew (d) Morning crew .

4.From which political party is professor john Atta Millsthe newly elected President of ghana from (a) National Democratic congress (b) New Patrotic Party (c)Convention Peoples party (d) United Ghana Movement .

5.Who invented the sewing machine (a) Elias Howe (b) Charles Weisenthal(c) Thomas saint (d) Balthaser Krems .

6.What was the name of the first baby conceived and delivered by the birth process of invitro fertilization (a) Louise yellow (b) Louis white (c) Louis brown (d) Louis purple .

7.In what state is the town of Abiriba located (a) Imo state (b) Abia state (c) Eboinyi state (d) Kogi state .

8.Who was the first woman to have driven a car in Nigeria (a) Margrte Ekpo (b) Madam Tinubu (c) Funmilayo Ransome kuti (d) Professor Bolanle Awe .

9.In What year was election first held in Nigeria (a) 1925 (b) 1922 (c) 1914 (d) 1979 .

10. What were the first names of the Wright brothers that flew the airplane for the first time (a) Anthony and Thomas (b) Wilber and Orville (c) Wilbur and william (d) Theodore and Samuel .


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mtn millionaire quiz 21

Happy new year.Let us have a go at another set of questions today.Good luck.

1. Manilla is in which Country :(a) Indonesia (b) Senegal (c) Bangladesh (d) Philippines .

2. In what date and year was General Muritala Mohammed assasinated :(a) July 29 1973 (b) February 12th 1976 (c) February 12th 1973 (d) January 1st 1970 .

3. Nigeria had how many states by 1977: (a)13 states (b) 19 states (c) 15 states (d)30 states .

4. Which university was the first university in Nigeria :(a) University of Ibadan (b) University of Ife (c) University of Nigeria Nsukka (d) Ahmadu bello university zaria .

5. Ebu Town is in which state :(a)Edo state (b) Delta state (c) kogi state (d) Plateau state .

6.In which country is the Sphinx located :(a)India (b) Indonesia (c) Egypt (d) Japan .

7.Which individual is credited the amalgamation of the Northern and southern protectorate : (a) Sir James Robertson (b) Sir Lyltleton (c) Lord Fredrick Lugard (d) Lord Sommes .

8.Timbuctu is in which Country :(a) Ghana (b) Mali (c) Guinea (d) senegal .

9.What is the real name of the popular American actress Queen Latifah :(a) Dana Owens (b) Sarah Owens (c) Leticia Payne (d) Lorah Doyle .

10What is the real name of the character 'Gringory' in the Nigerian television comedy -MASQUERADE.:(a)Davis ofor (b) James Iroha (c) Lomard Ugorji (d) Melville Oviriango.