Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mtn millionaire quiz 21

Happy new year.Let us have a go at another set of questions today.Good luck.

1. Manilla is in which Country :(a) Indonesia (b) Senegal (c) Bangladesh (d) Philippines .

2. In what date and year was General Muritala Mohammed assasinated :(a) July 29 1973 (b) February 12th 1976 (c) February 12th 1973 (d) January 1st 1970 .

3. Nigeria had how many states by 1977: (a)13 states (b) 19 states (c) 15 states (d)30 states .

4. Which university was the first university in Nigeria :(a) University of Ibadan (b) University of Ife (c) University of Nigeria Nsukka (d) Ahmadu bello university zaria .

5. Ebu Town is in which state :(a)Edo state (b) Delta state (c) kogi state (d) Plateau state .

6.In which country is the Sphinx located :(a)India (b) Indonesia (c) Egypt (d) Japan .

7.Which individual is credited the amalgamation of the Northern and southern protectorate : (a) Sir James Robertson (b) Sir Lyltleton (c) Lord Fredrick Lugard (d) Lord Sommes .

8.Timbuctu is in which Country :(a) Ghana (b) Mali (c) Guinea (d) senegal .

9.What is the real name of the popular American actress Queen Latifah :(a) Dana Owens (b) Sarah Owens (c) Leticia Payne (d) Lorah Doyle .

10What is the real name of the character 'Gringory' in the Nigerian television comedy -MASQUERADE.:(a)Davis ofor (b) James Iroha (c) Lomard Ugorji (d) Melville Oviriango.


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