Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mtn Millionarequiz 31

1.Who wrote the book 'One man one Wife' : (a) Chinua Achebe (b) Ngugi Wa Thiongo (c) T.M. Aluko (d) Ferdinard Oyono .

2. Which Football Club is also called 'The troters' : (a) Arsenal F C (b) Wigan Athletic (c) Barcellona F C (d) Bolton Wanderer .

3.Which Football Club is also called 'The toffes' : (a) Everton F C (b) Manchester city (c) Burnley (d) Fulham .

4.Which FootballClub is also called 'The Citizens' : (a)Burnley (b) Fulham (c) Manchester City (d)Shefield Wednesday.

5.Which football Club is also called 'The hammers' : (a) West Ham United (b) Luton Town (c) Crystal Palace (d) Leeds United .

6.What is the nick name of the English National Team : (a) Three Lions (b) Ten Goliats (c) Queens Boys (d) Three Hypos.

7.Which Club is also called 'The Magpies' : (a) Chelsea F C (b) New Castle (c) Arsena F C (d) Wigan Athletic.

8.Which of these is the tallest building in the World. (a) Burj-Khalifa(U A E) (b) KVLY-TV mast (U S A) (c) C N Tower (Canada) (d) Bren Tower (U S A).

9.What is the Spanish Football league called :(a) La liga (b) Premiership (c) Serie A (d) Bundusliga.

10. What does theacronym NOUN stand for : (a) National orders union of Nigeria (b) National Open University of Nigeria (c) National old union of Nigerians (d) national open union of Nigeria.


1.c 2.d 3.a 4.c 5.a 6.a 7.b 8.a 9.a 10.b