Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mtn millionaire quiz 18

Hello let us have a go at todays quiz questions.

1.Which country has the pesewa as the name given to her currency:(a) Cameroon (b) Togo (c)Ghana (d) Mali .

2. In what country is mumbai located :(a) Japan (b)Mali (c) Kenya (d)India.

3.Who wrote the music titled "If love is a crime "(a) Tony Tetula (b) Nice (c)Tuface Idibia (d) Face.

4.If a calabar man tells you 'dimi' what does he mean :(a) How are you (b) Go away (c) I will see you (d)Come here .

5.Who acted the role of 'Abeni' -Sura's wife in the television drama "sura the tailor":(a) Elsie Olushola (b) Rake Inwang (c) Stella Damasus (d) Ini Edo .

6.Who is regarded as the father of modern automobiles :(a) Henry Ford (b) Joseph Rockefella (c) Gehald Mecedes (d) Juli Bronco .

7.Who wrote the novel 'The potters will':(a) cypren Ekwensi (b) Chukwuemeka Ike (c) Chinua Achebe (d) Wole Soyinka .

8.Maputo is in which country :(a) Zambia (b) swaziland (c) Mozambique (d)Angola .

9.In what year did Angola secure independence:(a) 1974 (b) 1971 (c) 1975 (d)1980.

10.What is the real name of the Nigerian musician 9ice :(a) Salami Bello (b) Abolore akande (c)
Israel adepoju (d) Sunkunmi Olaoye.