Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mtn millionaire quiz 24

Hello welcome to another round of quiz questions today.Good luck .

1.Which stadium is referred to as the theater of dreams :(a) Old Trafford (b) Wembley stadium (c)Raebuck Stadium (d) Hamburg stadium .

2. Which Country was the German leader Adolf Hitler originally from :(a)Sweden (b) Australia (c) Austria (d) Italy .

3.what is the real name of the popular lagos based musician 'kokoro' :(a) Timothy Iyalla (b) Akinwande olumeso (c) Benjamin Aderoumu (d) shefiu Olumeti .

4.When we say that something is an elixir ,what do we mean :(a) vitamin (b)Cure all (c) Head ache (d) pain .

5.Who invented Electricity :(a) Thomas Hopkins (b) Charles Darwin (c) Henry Carr (d) Michael Faraday .

6.Which of these words best describe Euthanasia :(a) Sweet Killing (b) Mercy Killing (c) Painful Killing (d) Wonderful Killing .

7.What does the abbreviation G. I. stand for :(a) General Issue (b) Government Issue (c) God's Issue (d) Great Issue .

8.When we say a leader is a defacto leader what do we mean :(a) Absolute Leader (b) weak leader (c) Beautiful leader (d) Solemn leader .

9.What is Barack Obama's middle name :(a) Sade (b) Hussein (c) Hakim(d) Abbas .

10.what name do you call the main character in a drama or play :(a) Antagonist (b) prologue (c) Protagonist (d) Analogue .

1.a)2.c)3.c)4.b) 5.d)6.b)7.b)8.a)9b)10.b

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