Friday, February 20, 2009

Mtn millionaire quiz 25

Welcome to another round of questions for today.Good luck.

1.Who wrote the play'A midsummers night dream' :(a) Cypren Ekwensi (b) william Shakespeare (c) Wole Soyinka (d) Mongo Betti .

2.In what state is Emure local government located : (a) Ondo State (b) Edo State (c) Ekiti State (d) Delta state .

3.What is the name given to the head of parliament at state level in the Presidential sysyem of government in Nigeria : (a) Secretary of parliament (b) Ex-officio (c) Chief whip (d) Speaker .

4.In the abbreviation NIMET ,the 'M' stands for :(a) Methodist (b) Meteorologist (c) Metro (d) marble .

5.Which Country has the 'maple leaf 'embedded on its map :(a) Brazil (b) Thailand (c) Tanzania (d) Canada .

6.Who discovered Penicilin :(a) Sir Alexander Fleming (b) Sir Rudolph Haley (c) sir James watt (d) Edward Atkins .

7.what was the name the boxing legend Mohammed Ali formerly bearing :(a) Thomas Taylor (b) simon Atlay (c) Cassius Clay (d) Peter Adams .

8.Bujumbura is located in which country :(a) Kenya (b) Burundi (c ) SouthAfrica (d) Ethiopia .

9.What does the computer acronym U R L stand for :(a) United real locator (b) Uniform Resource locator (c) Unifying Replace tree (d) Undulating Relay locator .

10.In what state in Nigeria is Bacita located: (a) kano (b) Niger (c) Bauchi (d) Plateau .

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