Monday, November 17, 2008

Mtn Millionaire quiz 15

Akwaba,how was the last quiz on Ghana.i suppose it has made us to have some first hand information about that country.let us have a go at another round of quiz questions today.Good luck!

1.What do you call the medical procedure that requires the pricking of tissues with needles as treatment for various conditions (a) Suture (b) Acupunture (c) Laproscopy (d) Visectomy.

2.In which country is the Town Bata located :(a) Malawi (b) Tanzania (c) Equitorial Guinea (d) Ghana .

3.When you say someone is in soup ,he could be said to be in :(a) Good Shape (b) Trouble (c) Edible (d) Healthy .

4.What is the other word for pugilist :(a) wrestling (b) Swimming (c) track and Field (d) Boxing .

5.The name Kaduna was derived from what animal name :(a)Crocodile (b) Lion (c) Tiger (d) Donkey .

6.In what year was Martin Luther King assassinated :(a) 1965 (b) 1968 (c) 1970 (d)1960 .

7.When a business is said to have 'fell through' ,it means the business was :(a) Successful (b)Failed (c) On hold (d) Peaceful .

8.What is the real name of the comedian 'Omobaba' :(a) Aliu Shehu (b) Oluwafemi Fagade (c) Saheed Osupa (d) Fatai Elemide .

9.Who founded the IBM (International Business Machines ) :(a) Tom Watson (b) BillGates (c) Joseph Rockefellar (d) Robert Kiyosaki .

10.Which football club plays its home match at the Bernebeu :(a) Arsenal (b) Barcelona (c) Real Madrid (d) Inter Millan.


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emeka said...

Question 10's answer should be Real Madrid not Barcelona. That's "C" not "B"