Monday, November 24, 2008

MTN Millonaire quiz 16

Welcome ,let us give todays quiz a trial.Good luck.
1.Who was the first African secretary General of the United Nations :(a) Kofi Annan (b) Boutrous Ghali (c) Sulu Gambari (d) Dr.Ahmed Salim

2. In what of these Countries is Victoria falls located :(a) Angola (b) Zimbabwe (c) Botswana (d) South Africa .

3.Who wrote the book 'Gullivers travel ': (a) Adam Smith (b) Sidney Sheldon (c) James hadley Chase (d) Jonathan Swift .

4.which Nigerian bank goes with the marketing catch phrase 'would you rather bank with us ':(a)First bank (a)First Bank (b) Oceanic Bank (c) United bank for Africa (d) Guaranty Bank .

5.Who amongst these musicians does not play juju music :(a) Sunny Ade (b) Ebenezer Obey (c) Emperor Pick Peters (d)Wasiu Alabi .

6.Osun festival is celebrated in which town in Nigeria :(a)Ibadan (b)Abeokuta (c) Oshogbo (d) Ilorin .

7.Who was the the president of Liberia at Independence :(a) President Taubman (b) President Tolbert (c) Charles Taylor (d) Samuel Doe .

8.In which country is the city of Eldoret located :(a) Togo (b) Kenya (c) Tanzania (d) Cameroon .

9.Which country is historically recorded as the origin of the Olympics :(a) Greece (b) England (c) Germany (d) France .

10.In which country is Tripoli located :(a) Tunisia (b) Libya (c) Algeria (d) Egypt .



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