Thursday, November 27, 2008

MTN Millonaire quiz 17

Let us look at another round of questions today.Good luck .

1.Conakry is in which Country :(a) Ghana (b) Guinea (c) Togo (d) Guinea Bissau .

2.Where is OPEC headquarters located :(a) Venezuela (b) Vienna (c) Bangkok (d) Mumbai .

3. Who wrote the book 'cry the beloved country' :(a)Sidney Poiter (b) Alan Parton (c) Cyprian Ekwensi (d) Barbara Katland .

4.In which of these two countries does Vivtoria falls run across :(a) Zambia and Zimbabwe (b) Botswana and Zimbabwe (c) Uganda and Tanzania (d) Namibia and south Africa.

5.In what year did Nigeria commence Right hand driving :(a) 1976 (b) 1974 (C) 1972 (d) 1976 .

6.In what year did the Aba riot take place :(a) 1912 (b)1929 (c) 1941 (d) 1950 .

7.Who moved the motion for the independence of Nigeria at the Parliament :(a) Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (b)Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (c) Dr.Anthony Enahoro (d) Said Zungur .

8.what do we call an endorsement on the passport permitting the holder to enter or leave a country :(a) Exit permit (b) Entry stiker (c) Visa (d) Peparture permit.

9.Which state in Nigeria has the appellation 'The young shall grow ': (a)Sokoto state (b) Kano state (c) Yobe state (d) Imo state .

10.In what state in Nigeria is ukum local government located : (a) Benue state (b) Sokoto state (c) Kogi state (d) Bauchi state .


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