Friday, November 7, 2008

Mtn millionaire quiz 13

You are welcome to my site today and in the euphoria of what has just happened in the United States ,i am posting my questions today solely on the Greatest thing that has happened to the Black man in the world.The quiz will be on The U S.Good luck.

1.What is the name called the official airplane of the U S president : (a)Ninja Ten (b) Airforce one (c) Airforce 22 (d) Airforce 11.

2.From which African Country is President elect Barack Obama originally from :(a) Sudan (b) Togo (c) Kenya (d) Uganda .

3.On which parties platform was President Obama elected :(a) Republican party (b)Independent candidate (c) Democratic party (d)New American Party .

4.In what city did Barrack Obama deliver his acceptance speech as candidate for the U S Presidential election :(a) Artlington (b) Denver (c) Tennesse (d) Washington D. C.

5.What is the name called the official residence of the American President:(a) Abraham Lincoln House (b) Booker T washington House (c) White House (d) Presidential villa .

6.In what hierachy of American presidents does Barrack Obama belong :(a) 43 rd (b)44th
(c)40th (d) 45th.

7.In what state in the U S was Barrack Obama born :(a) Hawaii (b)Chicago (c) Washington D.C.
(d)Virginia .

8.In what village in Kenya is Barrack Obama's father from :(a)Nairobi (b) Kogelo (c) Rift valley (d) Eldoret .

9.What is the first name of the American President elect's wife :Johanne (b) Loveth (c) Michelle (d) Portia .

10.What is the middle name of the President elect of the United states :(a)Hussein (b) Hammed (c) Ahmed (d)Mubarack .



9ja's OT said...

the answer to number 4 is wrong, the right answer is chicago.

Godwin Esedebe said...

The question is asking for where Barack Obama made his acceptance speech shortly after he secured the party's nomination for the presidential election and NOT where he made his acceptance speech after c] winning the election.Please cross check.Thanks for your concern.

9ja's OT said...

oh sorry about that. my mistake. thanks for the educative blog