Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mtn Millionaire quiz 12

Welcome once again,i believe that you are getting well equipped towards your desire to attain these unassailable height of becoming a millionaire .Let's go again and Good luck.Please!please i will very much desire to hear from you,post your comment.

1.Who is the author of the novel 'Jagua nana':(a) Onuorah Nzekwu (b) Cypren Ekwensi (c) Wole Soyinka (d) Chinua Achebe.

2.Which other African country besides Nigeria calls her National football team as Eagles: (a)Burkina Faso (b) Kenya (c)Mali (d) Mauritania.

3.If someone is said to told a cock and bull story ,one is said to have done which of the following: (a)Incredible story (b)Fantastic story (c) Sweet story (d) Wonderful story.

4.Who played the role of Akpenoh in the Nigerian television drama 'Masquerade':(a) Lizzy Ovoeme(b) Christy Essien (c) Ini Edo (d) Sandra Achums .

5.In which State of Nigeria is the Town of Ayangba located :(a) Kwara State (b)Oyo State (c) Kogi State (d) Benue State .

6.Who was the President of Ghana at independence:(a) Fred Akuffo (b) Ignatius Achampong (c)Kwame Nkurumah (d) Jerry Rawlins .

7.Which of these cities is the capital of Mauritania :(a) Tripoli (b) Nouakchott (c) Cairo (d)Benghazi .

8.which state is in Nigeria has the appellation 'land of Equity' :(a) Kano State (b) Sokoto State (c) Kebbi State (d) Oyo State .

9.Who among these persons is not a Nigerian wrestling Champion :(a) Power mike (b) Power utti (c)Dele Jonathan (d) Ben Lion Heart .

10.What was the name that Nigeria's football team known as before it changed to Eagles:(a)The Vultures (b)Red Devils (c) White Pigeon (d) The Squirrels.


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