Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mtn millionairequiz 5

Welcome again.How have you been faring with the questions.Let us have another attempt at it today.Once again spend at least 30 seconds on each question.I am still waiting for your comment.
1.when someone is paranoid he is said to be undergoing which of the following :(a)afraid (b)shy (c)fright mare(d)amazed.

2.The Battle of Adowa was fought between the Ethiopian king Menelik the second in 1896 between Ethiopia and which country :(a)Britain (b)Italy (c)Egypt (d)Germany.

3.In which state in Nigeria is Abi local Government :(a)Oyo State (b)Delta State (c)Cross River State (d)Bayelsa State.

4.Which state in in Nigeria has the Appellation 'Farming is our pride':(a)Sokoto State (b)kano State (c) Zamfara State (d)Kogi State.

5.In the abbreviation C I S the 'S' stands for:(a)Secretaries (b)Stockbrokers (c)Society (d)Stored.

6.Who amongst these names was not an American President :(a)John F. Kenedy (b)Lydon B. Johnson(c)Bill Clinton (d)John Rockefellar.

7.Which of these countries was not colonised by Britain:(a)Ghana (b)Cameroon (c)Zambia (d)Kenya.

8.Who amongst the following was not among those involved in the Rivonia trail of 1956: (a)Ahmed Kathrada (b)Helen Joseph (c)Thambo Mbeki (d)walter sizulu.

9.Which of these countries was not a founding member Nation of the United Nation:(a) United States (b)Italy (c)France (d)China.

10.Which of these Countries is not an African country (a)Kenya (b)Cyprus (c)Tunisia (d)Togo

The Answers are as follows:

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