Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mtn Millionairequiz 4

Once again welcome to today's quiz .Also try and spend 30 seconds on each question.Let me have your comment Good luck.

1.Which Premiership club has his home stadium at Fratton park (a)Liverpool (b)Chelsea (c) Portsmouth (d)Manchester united.

2.How many countries borders Nigeria in the North :(a)2 (b)3 (c)1 (d)4.

3.Which British football team is called the Magpies (a)Tottenham Hotspur (b)Liverpool (c)Manchester city (d)Newcastle.

4.In a presidential system of Government,the head of the House of Representative is called :(a)Speaker (b)President (c)Lord Mayor (d)Chancellor.

5.Which of these is not a work of william Shakespeare :(a)Macbeth (b)Nineteen eighty four(c)Hamlet (d)The taming of the shrew .

6.What is the name of the organisation that preceded the United Nations:(a)Committee of Nations (b)Association of Nations (c) League of Nations (d)Assembly of Nations.

7.What was the former name of Botswana before independence :(a)Nkosi land (b)Ndebele Land (c)Xuma Land (d) Bechuana Land.

8.Which state in Nigeria has the appellation 'pride of the Nation':(a)Rivers state (b)Borno state (c)Edo state (d)Bayelsa state.

9.In the abreviation F A O the A stands for what :(a)Advertising (b) Association (c)Agriculture (d)Affairs.

10.Which Nigerian newspaper has the header 'A voice of your own':(a)Daily Trust (b)The Nation (c)Daily Independent (d)Guardian.

Find the answers below:
1.c)2.a)3.d)4.a) 5.b)6.c)7.d)8.d)9.c)10.c

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