Monday, September 29, 2008

Mtn Millionaire quiz 3

Welcome to another round of quiz .Take another attempt at these questions and see how far you can perform.Once again let me have your comment.
1.The computer acronym URL stands for which of the following : (a)Uniform roller loop (b)Uniform resource locator (c)Universal random locator (d) union resource laptop .
2.The Eiffel towers is located near which river :(a)River Osteinde (b)Seine rivers (c)River tigris (d) River nile.
3.In which country is the Obelisk statute located :(a)kenya (b) Egypt (c)Togo (d)Ethiopia.
4.who is a teetotaller : (a)One who loves taking alcohol (b) one who does not take alcohol (c) one who admires people taking alcohol (d)one who brews alcohol.
5.Which British football team is called Pompey:(a)Chelsea (b)Arsenal (c)Portsmouth (d)Hull city.
6.What is Malcolm x real name :(a)El hajj diouf (b)El hajj mallick el shabazz (c)Samuel Beckley (d) Tom Shaban.
7.In what year did the Titanic ship sink :(a)1914 (b)1922 (c)1912 (d) 1442.
8.Which one of these is a traditional Zulu dance (a) Kwacha dance (b) Reed dance (c)Zobo dance (d) Samba dance .
9.The Spanish word 'Los cafeteros 'means which of the following :(a)orange makers (b)fruit makers (c) The stone carvers (d) The coffee makers.
10.In which country is the headquarters of NEPAD located .(a)Ghana (b)Libya (c) South Africa (d)Nigeria.

1).b 2).b 3) d 4)b 5.)c 6) b 7)c 8)b 9)d 10)c

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