Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mtn Millionaire quiz 2

How did you fare in the first quiz,fair i suppose.Let us now go on to the quiz question for today.This time after the quiz attempt let me have your comment .
1.In the Television soap second chance who was the protagonist.(a)Valeria(bIsabel (c)Salvadore(d)Walter .
2. In which country is Eiffel towers located(a)England(b)South Africa(c)France (d)Japan .
3.The computer acronym H T M L stands for (a) Hotmail (b) Hyper text markup language (c)Hyper total marking language (d) Holly text milling loop.
4.The Herero tribe can be found in which country.(a)South Africa(b)Ivory coast (c)Namibia (d)Tunisia .
5.Which of these towns was the capital of Gambia at independence (a)Banjul (b)Barthurst (c)Juba (d) Lilongwe
6. Which Nigerian newspaper has the header 'voice of the Nation'(a)Guardian (b)The Nation (c) Punch (d) The sun .
7.Which British premiership club is also called the trotters(a)second ch Liverpool (b) sunderland (c)Bolton (d)portsmouth.
8.Who among these Nigerian nationalist was a labour leader (a)Dele Giwa (b)Dan Maraya Jos (c)Michael Imoudu (d) Oliver d' corque .
9.Who wrote the novel "The beautiful ones are not yet born" (a)Cyprian Ekwensi (b)Chinua Achebe (c)Kwei Ayi Amah (d) Wole Soyinka
10.In what year was the ist Ryders cup played (a)1927 (b)1930 (c)1941 (d)1928.
Answers:1.c 2.c 3.b.4.c5.b 6.d 7.c 8.c.9.c 10a

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