Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mtn Millionaire quiz 1

Welcome to the quiz questions for today.All that the questions intend to do is to give you likely questions that you might encounter on the Hot seat on the television quiz programme "who wants to be a millionaire".The simple instruction is that you are to spend 30 seconds on each question.As we start this journey towards becoming a millionaire .Good luck.

1.The pullitzer award given to outstanding newspaper journalists is administered by which of these (a)Indiana university (b) Columbia University (c) Tokyo University (d) Toronto University .

2.If my name is Haruna i could be said to be from which of these state (a) cross river state (b) Oyo State (c) Kano State (d) Imo State .

3.Which state is referred to as the Lone Star State in the United states (a) Texas (b) North Dakota (c)Florida (d) virginnia

4.During the second world war which of these countries does not belong to the Allied
forces (a) Great Britain (b) united States (c) Italy (d) France.

5.In which Nigerian state is the Town Kainji located (a)Niger state (b) Kogi State
(c) Lagos State (d) Imo State.

6.Which state has the phrase " The power state " on its plate number (a) sokoto state
(b) kano state (c)Niger State (d) Enugu State .

7.Which of these cities is the capital of Mauritania (a) Bamako (b)Nouachott (c) Libreville (d) Cotonou

8. The legendary country musician Don Williams was born in which state (a)Alaska
(b) Texas (c) Washington D.C. (d) Maryland.

9.If my name is oluwole i could be said to be from which of these state (a) Delta State (b) Edo state (c) Oyo State (d) Benue State.

10.The name of the trophy won by distinguished golf players at the world stage is (a) World cup (b) Golf cup (c) Ryders Cup (d)Tokyo Cup.

How did you fare .I suppose you where able to answer the questions to the best of your ability.The answers are presented below for you to crosscheck.

1.b 2. c 3.a 4.c 5.a 6.c 7.b 8.b 9.c 10.c

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