Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mtn Millionaire quiz 6

How are you today.I am sure we are set to take another round of quiz today.Once again you are to spend a minimum of 30 seconds per question.

1.The Dumbarton Oaks conference of 1944 led to the formation of which organisation :(a) OPEC (b) U N (c) W H O (d) O A U.

2.In medicine a vector is which of the following :(a)Disease carrying agent (b) Disease removing agent (c) Disease enforcing agent (d) Disease destroying agent.

3.In the mathematical abbreviation BODMAS the 'D' stands for :(a) Decimal (b)Deuce (c)Division (d)Dogma .

4.The American actress Sharon Stone acted in all but one of these movies :(a)Casino (b)Basic instinct (c)Cat woman (d) Hotel Rwanda.

5.What is the name of the English National football team : (a)Four Tigers (b) Two Antelopes (c) Three Lions (d) Two Lions .

6.If somebody commits 'Harahiri' he could be said to have committed which of these : (a)Stealing (b)Laughing (c)Sleeping (d)Suicide .

7.Which British football team has as its slogan 'You will never walk alone' : (a)Chelsea (b)Manchester city (c) Liverpool (d) Everton.

8.If someone is suffering from 'Insomnia' he could be said to be suffering from lack of -: (a)Happiness (b)Height (c)Sleep (d)Peace.

9.In the Movie 'Hotel Rwanda' who acted the role of Paul Rusebagina :(a) Sophie Okonedo (b) Paul Newman (c)Don Cheadle (d) Will Smith.

10.In which state in Nigeria is Aboh located :(a) Edo State (b) Delta State (c) Kogi State (d) Rivers State.

The answers

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