Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mtn millionaire quiz 28

Ina quana! how are you todayLet us have another attempt at some questions today,good luck.

1.who wrote the book 'The Da vinci code' :(a) Dan Brown (b) Sidney Sheldon (c) Arthur Haley (d) James Hadley Chase .

2.In what year was the Da vinci code written :(a) 2004 (b) 2007 (c) 2003 (d) 2001 .

3.What is the real name of the British author James Hadley Chase :(a) Rene Brabezan Raymond (b) Thomas Blendish (c) David Cameron (d) Ian Fletcher .

4.What other name does James Hadley Chase use for writing his books :(a) Raymond Thomas (b)Raymond Marshall (c) James Hybrad (d) Hadley Holmes .

5.Which one of these was the first novel written by James Hadley chase :(a) Cade (b) Tiger by the Tail (c) No orchid for Miss Blandish (d) Tell it to the Birds .

6.what is the real name of the 'Angel of Burundi' :(a) Juan Salomi (b) Marguerita Barankitse
(c)Marguerita Isiah (d) Angelina Isitopia .

7.Mombasa is in which Country :(a) Tanzania (b)Uganda (c) Kenya (d) Burundi .

8.In what year was Professor Wole Soyinka awarded the nobel prize for literature :(a ) 1987 (b) 1990 (c) 1986 (d) 1988 .

9.who wrote the play 'The strong Breed' :(a) Cypren Ekwensi (b)Professor Wole Soyinka (c) Bode sowande (d) Chinua Achebe .

10.In what State is Ajingi local government :(a) Sokoto State (b) oyo State (c) Kano State (d) Ondo State .


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Wow! Great job. Wish you had continued. Thanks nonetheless.