Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mtn millionaire quiz 27

As we get set for another round of quiz questions today ,i am still looking forward to your comment(s) on the various questions.Goodluck .

1.In what year did the Ship Titannic sink on its first voyage:(a) 1917 (b) 1912 (c) 1914 (d) 1920 .

2.If a project is said to be a 'white elephant' project,it is said to be :(a) Beautiful Project (b) useless And burdensome Project (c) Thoughtful Project (d) Parochial Project .

3.If someone has an impeccable character character ,he is said to be :(a) Sin-less (b) useful (c) well rounded (d) smart .

4.what does the movie rating P G stand for :(a) Please go on (b) Parental guidance needed (c) plain guys can watch (d) purple guys are to watch .

5. In what year was Marvin Gaye posthumously inducted into the hall of fame (a) 1970 (b) 1987 (c) 1989 (d) 1971 .

6.which of these building is the tallest building in Africa :(a) Marple Towers Johannesburg (b) Carlton center Johannesburg (c) Grand Hyatt Cairo (d)Nitel Building Nigeria .

7.In which country in Africa do you find the Pygmies :(a) Congo D R(b) Zambia (c) kenya (d) Ethiopia .

8.what was the title of the film that won Sean Penn his Oscar award(male category) in 2009 (a) the Post office (b) the bus (c ) Milk (d) Man in the house .

9.Who won the female category of 2009 Oscar award :(a) Kate Winslet (b) Nicole Kidman (c) Angelina Jolie (d)Jenifer Lopez .

10.What was the former name the country Myanmar :(a) Candalesia (b) Burma (c) Ceylon (d)Prussia .



Millionaire’s Consultant said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. I really enjoy it and find all of the information very useful.

Anonymous said...

Realy appreciate it, tanx a lot.