Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mtn Millionaire quiz 10

Hello once again.I am sure that by now you must have found the quiz to be quite challenging.Let us have a go at another round of questions.Good luck.

1.Which State in Nigeria has the appellation 'Eastern Heartland':(a)Enugu State (b)Ebonyi State (c)Imo state (d) Benue State .

2.What name is given to the oath administered on medical doctors after their completion of their M B B S degree:(a)Thomas oath (b)Hippocratic oath (c)Medical oath (d) Socratical oath.

3.In the abbreviation N A F D A C the 'N' stands for :(a)National (b) Nigerian (c) Nationwide (d)Neutral.

4.Who is the author of the Novel 'Half of a yellow Sun':(a)Cypren Ekwensi(b)Chimamanda Adichie (c)Bode Sowande (d) Kola Omotosho .

5.which of these Countries is not a Francophone country :(a) Senegal (b) Ivory Coast (c) Gambia (d)Togo.

6.What is the name given to the residence of the British Prime minister : (a) Buckingham Palace (b) Crochester House (c) Mersey Side (d)10 Downing street.

7.In a game of football when a player scores a hat trick he is said to have scored how many goals :(a) One goal (b) Three goals (c) Four goals (d) Five goals .

8.In what state in Nigeria is Demsa local government :(a)Kano State (b) Adamawa state (c) Kogi state (d) Bauchi State .

9.In which country is the E C O W A S secretariat located:(a) Nigeria (b)Cote d'voire (c)Ghana (d) Gambia.

10.Which of these Countries is not located in West Africa :(a) Liberia (b) Guinea Bissau (c) Rwanda(d) Chad.


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