Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mtn Milionaire quiz 9

Welcome once again after a long while.How have you been faring?I suppose you had an interesting and rewarding time with the questions.Lets go and Good luck.

1.If a stock is said to have plummeted ,it could be said to have :(a)Gone up (b)Gone down (c)Gone slow (d) Undetermined.

2.What is the real name of the Nigerian masked musician LAGBAJA :(a)Segun Oladele (b) Oluwole Akinyele (c) Bisi Ologunde (d) Femi Segun.

3.What is the name of the Ghanian currency called:(a)Cefa (b)Kwacha (c)Cedi (d)Riyal.

4.Whose image is on the Nigerian one naira coin (a) Herbert Macaulay (b) Ernest Ikoli (c)Sunny Okosun (d) Herbert Ogunde.

5.In the stock market what is someone who sells for future delivery with hope of buying cheaper before then:(a) Speculator (b)Bearish (c) Investor (d)Broker.

6.Who amongst these never acted the role of Spiderman in the children movie of same title:(a)Sam Raimi (b) Tobey Maquire (c)Rivsten Dust (d)Peter Paker.

7.Who wrote the Novel 'The potters wheel':(a)Cypren Ekwensi (b) Onuorah Nzekwe (c)Chukwuemeka Ike (d)Chimamanda Adichie.

8.The Nobel prize is not awarded for which of these achievements:(a) Physics (b) Literature (c)Broadcasting (d)Peace.

9.which state in Nigeria has the appellation'Natures gift of the Nation' :(a)Taraba State (b) Kano State (c)Lagos State (d) Sokoto State.

10.In the abbreviation N I P R the 'R' stands for :(a)Respect (b) Rotation (c)Relations (d) Rockers .


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Hi, nice work! I definite have to get here to take a closer look and the quiz guess should be able to try some.

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